2009: Time to go Digital TV

December 22, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, TV 

If like me you still have a normal analogue TV and don’t have Freeview or satellite services, 2009 is the time to start planning for the Digital Switchover. According to the timetable published by the BBC, this region will be switched over to Digital TV in 2010: – Morayshire and Dornoch: Jul – Sep 2010 […]

Survivors: Nairn

December 3, 2008 · Filed Under TV 

I’ve been enjoying the Survivors series from the BBC, and it had me wondering what I’d do if faced with surviving a post-apocalyptic event. Initial thoughts were to grab lots of tinned and carton food, make a shelter in the middle of Culbin Forest, and then wait for things to calm down. Possibly even have […]