Nairn lottery win? (And help for lottery winners.)

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under Health 

There’s been plenty of coverage this month about the fact that someone in the “Inverness and Nairn area” has scooped £3.6 million on the National Lottery, but has yet to claim. The headline that this could be “life-changing” is sure true. However, winning money is a rose with many thorns, and the sudden change to […]

Flu …

July 22, 2009 · Filed Under Health 

Well, travelling on holiday last month meant time in a few airports, a few flights (Inverness to Gatwick, Gatwick to Dalaman). Lots of exposure to other people. This week we’ve all come down with either a heavy cold or flu. Figured there was a chance of catching Swine Flu, but my gut intuition didn’t set […]