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We decided to live in Nairn.

We had wanted to escape the ugly urban sprawls of England.

Scotland seemed a better choice – scenic, quieter, and more relaxed.

So we travelled to Central Scotland, and rented for 18 months.

We spent that time exploring most of Scotland – from Helmsdale on the North-East to Ayr on the South West.

We travelled through most major areas, and every Scottish city – to find the best place in Scotland to live.

In the end there was only one choice – anywhere between Inverness and Nairn.

This offered:

– Breathtaking mountain and sea views
– Gentle rolling coutryside, wild woodlands, and Scot’s Pine forests
– Proximity to amazing beaches
– Within reach of civilisation via Inverness and Elgin
– Great access to the rest of Scotland, such as the Cairngorm mountains and west coast

After exploring the property market for 6 months, we settled on a home within walking distance of the beach and Culbin Forest, and with views over the Moray Firth, Black Isle, and mountains of Sutherland.

Nairn is probably one of the best places to live in Scotland. That’s why, in having the choice to live where we wanted, and in having explored most of Scotland, we settled here.

This website is devoted to providing information on Nairn – probably one of the best places in the UK to live.

Here’s my blog about Nairn. :)

– Brian Turner

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