Dolphins off Nairn beach

August 10, 2012 · Filed Under Moray, Nairn, Nature 

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Dolphin Watching at Chanonry Point 3

This week the weather has been warm and mostly sunny, making for pleasant walks with the dog along the central and east beach.

What has been especially nice is that the dolphins have been regularly visible this week, especially on the afternoon high tides.

I’m not sure how common it is, but in the six years I’ve been here I’ve never actually seen the dolphins from Nairn before – perhaps I just never timed my walks right.

Although not so close to the land as at Chanonry Point, it still makes for quite a spectacle to see them leaping from the water not far out to sea.

With the Moray pod now counted at twenty dolphins, there are certainly plenty enough to be seen.

Just in case the dolphins continue to pass by at high tide, here are the tide times for Nairn.

Hopefully there should be some good viewing in the early evening over the next few days, especially while the weather holds warm and clear.


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