Highland Council’s poor planning

September 24, 2010 · Filed Under Development, Nairn 

The Gurn raises a big heads up about the Highland Council’s appalling suggestions for redeveloping the town centre. Let’s underscore one thing – the derelict buildings owned by the Co-op are in the town centre. And as the town of Nairn grows according to recent planning briefs by Scotia, Cawdor, and Deveron, Nairn will need […]

Nairn South Masterplan: Enquiry by Design Process, Nairn Charrette Report

September 24, 2010 · Filed Under Development, Nairn 

One of the more interesting development documents I’ve seen for a while, laying out the aspirations of expanding Nairn southwards, is now available online: http://www.scotia-homes.co.uk/nairn/1872CharretteRpt090223_Sm.pdf UPDATED LINK: http://www.scotia-homes.co.uk/images/uploads/Nairn_Newsletter_web.pdf The development planning by Barratts, Robertsons, and Scotia, to push the town south has been mentioned before in council and ward meetings, but now the plans are […]

Nairn in Uproar!

September 24, 2010 · Filed Under Development, Nairn 

Nairn in uproar? Or so you’d think reading this week’s Nairnshire Telegraph. I can’t remember the last time I read such a load of NIMBY crap – everything must be objected to because, well, we’re a small town and equally size-minded about it! 1. Say no to green energy! Nairn River Council is to object […]

Joe Telfer and Swan Island under attack?

September 22, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn, Politics, Tourist 

I’ve not seen this week’s paper, but judging by the most recent blog post at Simply Swans, some in the River Community has been critical of Joe Telfer’s efforts with Swan Island, as reported by the Nairnshire Telegraph: Axe Grinders Attack Swans Island….and Me ! Because I haven’t read the Nairnshire Telegraph piece, I’m not […]

Fly Inverness to Amsterdam with Flybe?

September 20, 2010 · Filed Under Business, Development, Transport 

Now here’s some really interesting news from the BBC – the possibility that Flybe are about to add a route from Inverness airport to Amsterdam: Direct flights between Inverness and Amsterdam could be up and running by next summer, according to airline Flybe. It said it was close to concluding a deal with possible partners […]

Sparrowhawk in the garden

September 16, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn, Nature 

I’ve seen a sparrowhawk land in the garden before, not least after being mobbed by crows or seagulls. However, this afternoon I managed to get a couple of photos as it rested under a bamboo bush after being spotted again. No wonder the bird table was deserted today. Even though the day was cold and […]

Another New Town for Inverness?

September 16, 2010 · Filed Under Development 

Over the pass couple of days the BBC have carried news of the green light being given for a new New Town by Inverness, this time east. First planners give the thumbs up, and now the Highland Council has given provisional planning approval, subject to 62 conditions. It looks as if the aim for this […]

Leys Castle for sale

September 15, 2010 · Filed Under Property 

A new property on the market in Inverness this week – Leys Castle, taking up the high ground just south of Milton of Leys at Inverness. Boasting a mere 12 bedrooms, a similar number of cottages, and 3,145 acres, it comes with a price tag of just £7 million. If you’re that way inclined. I’m […]