Black Isle Red Kites being poisoned?

April 20, 2010 · Filed Under Nature 

A sad indictment reported on the BBC, suggesting that Red Kites – among other birds of prey – are being illegally poisoned: Scotland’s red kites under threat from illegal killing The birds were reintroduced having been hunted to extinction in most of the UK in the 1870s. Equal numbers of the distinctive bird of prey […]

Nairn Aquaria leaves Fishertown

April 17, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn 

Another watery topic on Nairn – this time Nairn Aquaria, one of the town’s unofficial gems, has shut it’s doors and the owners are moving down south. It was only a small shop, but any visitor could enjoy a breath-taking views of an array of fish, crustaceans, and amphibians, plus they had recently expanded to […]

Nairn News round-up

April 15, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn 

Ah, the recent Spring sunshine means a few trips to the beach over the Easter holidays – above, a picture of Nairn’s east beach, spreading out as it follows the Culbin Forest miles into the distance. A busy time for news in Nairn as well: 1. Swimming Pool – the issue has become strongly politicised, […]

General Election

April 15, 2010 · Filed Under Politics 

The Gurn notes no one seems to be canvassing Nairn for votes – which is not surprising when you consider few of the political parties have a brain among them. To summarise: Labour – demands to make it more expensive for companies to employ people, and makes snide comments at anyone who points out it’s […]

Milton of Leys – a warning for Sandown?

April 5, 2010 · Filed Under Development, Inverness, Nairn 

One of the more curious points that was raised during the recent Sandown inquiry is that retail development appeared to be suggested as an option but not fixed. In other words, even though they were shown in the plans that were initially rejected, it could be possible that instead of retail units, Deveron would simply […]

Lid Dems: Rail, not roads

April 5, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn, Roads 

Looks like the national Lib Deb policy is to stop much of the investment in roads and put it into rail instead: Lib Dems plan rail expansion by cutting road projects The Liberal Democrats have set out plans to reopen thousands of miles of railway tracks and stations. The scheme would be funded by cutting […]

Nairn Leisure Centre threatened with closure?

April 2, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn 

I heard talk yesterday that some of the Highland Council cuts may be ready to fall on Nairn Leisure Centre, with the HC looking to deprive the town of its swimming pool. Apparently there’s a petition going around though I’ve not seen it yet, nor have I seen any concrete details on the matter. Around […]

Skies clearing after Winter return

April 1, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn, Weather 

The past few days have seen the Winter snows bring disruption across much of Scotland again – though the weather in Nairn moved between rain, sleet, snow and hail, without any of it settling. Not so for many other parts of Scotland: Heavy snow creates travel chaos across Scotland Heavy snow and strong winds have […]