Time for one community council in Nairn?

March 17, 2010 · Filed Under Nairn, Politics 

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The Gurn is pushing harder on the issue of a single Nairn community council, and has launched a new blog to focus on the issue and develop the arguments: Time for a single community council for Nairn!.

Graisg makes an attempt to be fair by providing an “against” argument, but I’m not convinced there is one – simply put, at present, Nairn is divided and conquered in the face of being treated as nothing more than a suburb of Inverness by planners and developers.

Oh, I’m sure any single council will bring with it it’s own social politics, criticisms, and challenges – one of the main suggested objections – but having three community councils just means that criticism can be levelled three times instead of once.

This seems especially highlighted in this week’s Nairnshire Telegraph, which covers a recent farce at a River Community Council meeting – in which it was advertised as a public meeting, and agreed that the public could speak – but only if their name was Liz MacDonald! Or so the Nairnshire reported.

Graisg from the Gurn is reported to have walked out of the session in protest, though I didn’t immediately notice mention of his blog. :)

With the A96 corridor masterplan on our doorstep, Nairn is set for big and irrevocable changes, but has a fragmented voice. Nairn needs a single community council voice to represent us, not least to deal with the various technical issues delegated for them to address.

It would also mean a single transparent democratic process all Nairn residents can then appeal to – the current three council situation is confusing, and I would be genuinely surprised if many people in Nairn are aware of which one is supposed to represent them in the first place!


4 Responses to “Time for one community council in Nairn?”

  1. Des/Graisg/Gurnmeister on March 17th, 2010 7:07 pm

    Hi Brian, glad you’re of the same mind on this.I was rather enigmatic on the Gurn about last week’s meeting as I have rather a soft spot for the River Community Council going back many years. Some things are better left to the Nairnshire lol.
    For a long time they were literally the only light in the darkness if anyone had issues to raise. I hope they get sorted in the short term but the time has come to have an elected voice for Nairn.
    The Royal Burgh Community Council – bring it on :-)

  2. Des/Graisg/Gurnmeister on May 3rd, 2010 6:24 pm

    Do Nairn a favour – send a quick e-mail!

    If you agree that Nairn should be represented by a single Community Council – ie. A Royal Brugh of Nairn Council then send a quick e-mail saying so to this address:


    That’s the address of the Highland Council review team. If you’d like to send a letter or print off copies for others then there’s a PDF document here that will do the job.

  3. Des/Graisg/Gurnmeister on May 16th, 2010 3:13 pm

    Time for a single Community Council – the facebook group address


  4. Tez Watson on May 2nd, 2011 8:22 pm

    As someone that lives in Forres and runs a business in Nairn I find it hard to comprehend why Nairn needs three community councils (with all the requisite expense) we manage OK in Forres with just the one and the Forres CC has more teeth as a result.

    Three CCs in a town like Nairn is weakening democracy, wasting effort/money, must have overlap in some areas and gaps in others plus it makes the town look like a joke (only coming a close second to traffic light jokes)