Another dead sperm whale in Scotland

October 30, 2009 · Filed Under Nature 

The BBC reports that another Sperm Whale has washed up dead on the coast of Scotland, this time at Balmedie Beach in Aberdeenshire. It’s just over a year since one died in the Moray Firth and was washed up at the headland at Allanfearn (picture above). It has been a busy year for Cetaceans, though, […]

Geese on the Wing

October 28, 2009 · Filed Under Nature 

A huge flock of geese just flew over at 9am – making lots of noise of course. We’ve had flocks of geese fly over many a time, but this one was the largest I’ve seen this year. I called the children out to see, then decided to go for my camera for a picture, but […]

Highland, Inverness, and Nairn population facts and figures

October 27, 2009 · Filed Under Development 

You’d think with all the recent talk of development that many in the Highlands thinks Inverness is being turned into a giant megacity, and the A96 corridor as a sprawling conurbation – where the locals want out and other towns want in! So for comparison, I thought I’d do some research that puts into perspective […]

Take That member to wed in Cawdor

October 26, 2009 · Filed Under Arts 

Noticed something in the papers at the weekend suggesting Take That’s Mark Owen will wed his long-time girlfriend Emma Ferguson on November 8th in Cawdor – here’s a little coverage from the Inverness Courier and more at the Daily Record. Not much more mention online, but certainly looks like we’ll be receiving an interesting array […]

Highland Wildlife Park gets UK’s only Polar Bear

October 24, 2009 · Filed Under Nature 

The Highland Wildlife Park gets the UK’s only Polar Bear, as it moves Mercedes in from Edinburgh Zoo: Polar bear unveiled at new home Got to admit, I have mixed feelings about the park – on the one hand, I’m hopefully that they are doing helpful zoological work for protecting endangered species. However…the park doesn’t […]

Nairn needs development

October 23, 2009 · Filed Under Development, Nairn 

The community council and A96 presentation meeting was very interesting and very well attended – it brought together the existing planned developments by the Highland Council and criticisms from the floor. Graisg provides excellent detailed coverage here. The blunt perception is that many people vocally oppose development because they refuse to accept change – it’s […]

Fort George and Urquhart Castle top tourist destinations

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under Tourist 

Interesting coverage on the BBC which shows Fort George managed to make the Top 10 of most visited properties owned by Historic Scotland, coming in at 7th place, with Urquhart Castle making 3rd. While Central Belt attractions, not least Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, make it top of the list, and Urquhart castle has its big […]

Keeping busy!

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under Internet 

Apologies for not keeping My Nairn updated over the past month or so. Running your own business through the biggest ever recession is not fun, and I’m currently having to work a lot harder for less money coming in, in order to ensure the business keeps running properly and is not endangered by the existing […]

Nairn lottery win? (And help for lottery winners.)

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under Health 

There’s been plenty of coverage this month about the fact that someone in the “Inverness and Nairn area” has scooped £3.6 million on the National Lottery, but has yet to claim. The headline that this could be “life-changing” is sure true. However, winning money is a rose with many thorns, and the sudden change to […]

First snows on Ben Wyvis

October 20, 2009 · Filed Under Weather 

The first snows settled on Ben Wyvis on October 3rd this year, as a chill wind blew in at the weekend, leaving the mountain white-capped on the Saturday. The cold of winter is certainly trying to tease through the Highlands now, but are not yet strong enough to keep the snow on the peak, melting […]