River Nairn in flood

September 4, 2009 · Filed Under Nairn, Weather 

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Elgin is still on a Severe Flood Warning, and my sister-in-law at Kingston by Spey Bay reports that the village was cut off by flooding, and that Fochabers was reported to have been hit hard, with one property rumoured to have partially collapsed because of the flood waters.

In the meantime, the River Nairn is no longer on a Flood Warning, instead downgraded to a Flood Watch after this morning’s high tide, which saw the already flooded river overflow its banks in places.

1. The waters flowing past Nairn Bridge were fair pulling at the trees and shrubs growing by the banks and from the shingle bars. The water was heaving and foaming around any resistance:


2. A longer shot, showing Swan Island managing to hold against the raging torrent:


3. Even as the tide began receding, you can see how high it managed to rise:


4. Looking up river from the river play park, instead of trees standing over shingle sands with the water flowing between them, the river now tries to pull the branches in. Half a tree trunk floated by just before the pic was taken:


5. On the river walk back to Nairn Bridge, the river still grappled at the sides, completely immersing the natural river bank. The level had obviously fallen, because streams of drying mud, flattened grass, and swirls of flotsam from the upstream woodlands showed that the river had overflowed across the path itself:


ADDED: More pics from the Gurn on Flickr and the BBC, with more coverage here showing Garmouth flooded.


One Response to “River Nairn in flood”

  1. Cyril Macpherson on January 24th, 2010 6:04 pm

    Seeing the flood waters puts me in mind of the floods that washed away the Firhall Bridge and the Jubilee Bridge during the late forties and the fifties. That was some flooding then. The houses and shops along the riverside below Queens Park were flooded and it was a shame for the people living in them.