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March 31, 2009 · Filed Under Development, Nairn 

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After pushing for HelpMyHighStreet, Samantha seems somewhat disillusioned as it appears that there is no process as yet for allocating money to high street regeneration from the scheme:

I have today been talking to Lisa McLean who is part of the team at Scottish Government dealing with the above. I wanted to know the details of how the money was to be apportioned, the rules surrounding application for the money etc.

It would appear that the Conservatives have jumped the gun on this issue and in advance of John Swinney’s department issuing guidelines and information, have given the impression that by logging on to the above website – which at your request I advertised as widely as I could – anyone in Scotland could vote for their High Street as part of the initiative. Not really true. Miss McLean tells me that it will take a week or two more to get the official website up and running, that the rules of engagement are not completed but there would be conditions and restrictions attached to any application but could give no other information and regretfully, was unable to help further. All I could find out was that in about two weeks time, within the Scottish Government’s official website under “The Built Environment” will be a link to Towns and High Streets with another link to “Regeneration Pages”. Herein will lie an invitation to apply for the money. The info I have been given is sketchy and subject to amendment.


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