Cinema of Dreams forum saved from axe

March 31, 2009 · Filed Under Arts, Nairn 

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UPDATE: December 2009 – the forums have moved here: Nairnshire Community forums

Mark Cousins has sent an email telling everyone he wants the forum on Cinema of Dreams shut down, partly because the current admin is struggling to dedicate time to it, and additionally because Mark would prefer the festival to keep spontaneous rather than have a continuous presence:

a letter from Mark

Dear Cinema of Dream forumers.

Tilda and I are sorry that this particular forum is having to pull up the drawbridge. There are two reasons for this.

The first is practical. As you know, Steven is having to shoulder it mostly by himself, and he has plenty of other things to do – he’s told you and us this, several times. We made it clear to him from the start that we would be so hectic doing other Cinema of Dreams festivals and events (exhausting and unpaid, of course, just for the love of movies!) that we’d be stretched too thin to help with the forum too. Boy, has this been so. Our Scottish Cinema of Dreams in China thing has just finished, and was full on, around the clock, all absorbing.

The second reason is more about innovation. From the start, our wee Cinema of Dreams adventure was totally committed to trying to do things inventively, quirkily and beyond the norms of film stuff. Hence the Ballerina’s cakes, cushions, carefreeness. Hence the forest and fairytale of the Scottish Cinema of Dreams in China. Forums are fab, especially when friendships form in them, but there are loads of film ones around. Since Steven and our posse of pals are willing – within limits – to work with us on Cinema of Dreams events for nothing, we’d love the great energy they are offering us to be focussed in bursts, wee explosions of fun and drama unlike anything else out there, rather than maintaining an ongoing forum. We love the film Brigadoon, in which a village bursts into life once in a while. That’s much closer to the spirit of the Cinema of Dreams.

All this means, of course, is that Cinema of Dreams can’t host your forum any longer. We’re sure you’ll just shift your gang to another place. Best of luck in doing so.

I just watched a Japanese film called Children of the Wind, directed by Shimizu. It’s funny, about kids and play, and way way off the beaten track. Catch it if you can – it’s very Cinema of Dreams!

Happy hunting for great pictures!



I’ve therefore volunteered to take a larger role in administrating the forums to keep them online, and Mark’s agreed to let it run for the time being.

I already moved the website from Spanglefish and set up the forums, and I wouldn’t like to see that time wasted.

However, it remains to be seen as to whether the Cinema of Dreams forum stays up or whether it only has a temporary reprieve.

Even it turns out that Mark and Tilda don’t think the Cinema of Dreams forum works for the concept, I’d be happy to find a way to salvage the community and get the forums transferred to a new domain where it can settle, and the community be preserved.


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