Local Birds in Focus

January 5, 2009 · Filed Under Nature 

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Hah! Now you’re wondering whether I’m about to post something on Miss Nairn or Ornithology?

And no doubt, you expect to be disappointed – so let’s keep that moment and stick to Ornithology. :)

Whoever is behind the Scotland Caravan Holidays blog posts a pic of a Snow Bunting seen on Nairn Beach. This follows on from their recent amble along the beach the revealed a range of shore and wading species.

I’m a little jealous – I can’t recall seeing a Snow Bunting in real life, so I’ll have to get out and about with some binoculars.

However, I was very surprised to see some Long Tail Tits directly outside of my front door the other day.

Normally they can be seen flitting overhead and hard to see – I’ve never seen them so close – close enough to see their cute little beady eyes, as on the photo (not mine) below:


It seems the bad weather has been giving the local wildlife a push, so as I was already off to Morrisons I bought some nuts for the birds.

Only, they don’t seem to have found them yet.

It seems I’ll need to make more of a habit to feed the birds throughout the year so that they know where to find what they need, when they really need it.


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