Inverness Airport fog bound

December 30, 2008 · Filed Under Transport, Weather 

The freezing fog continues for a fourth day – the plants here are covered with a wonderful white mossy layer of ice – sometimes needle-like, but always gentle as a snowflake. In the meantime, Inverness Airport is suffering with serious disruptions to flights: Freezing fog disrupts air flights Passengers have been taken by bus to […]

The End of Woollies

December 30, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn 

The Gurn sends a photo of a lone photographer poised to catch the last moments of the high street’s Woolworth’s last night: Just popped up the street and witnessed a cold looking press photographer lurking around to get pics of the last customers being let out one by one after 1730. I suppose the reality […]

SNP pushes on Lossiemouth spaceport

December 29, 2008 · Filed Under Moray, Tourist 

The BBC reports that the SNP are pushing for Richard Branson to use Lossiemouth airbase for launching Virgin Galactic’s space tourism drive. Interesting to see the SNP’s Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, has Lossiemouth in his constituency as well. I first covered the prospect of spaceflight from Lossiemouth back in September, and since then the SNP […]

Mark Cousins writes up Tilda Swinton

December 28, 2008 · Filed Under Film 

Mark Cousins gives Tilda Swinton and the Cinema of Dreams festival a big thumbs up in the Sunday Herald: Fairytale of the unexpected TILDA Swinton doesn’t read about herself so I can exclusively reveal, without her knowing, that she is totally two-faced and a nine-out-of-10 on the diva scale. Everything is “me, me, me”. Her […]

Adams to go into administration

December 28, 2008 · Filed Under Development 

And now Adams is going into administration… While we’ve discussed before the more immediate issue of keeping Nairn High Street alive, the people of Nairn also remain vulnerable to the removal of retail services from outlying areas. My girlfriend is cursing because she used to get most of the kids’ clothes from Woolworths and Adams […]

A Freezing Fog Upon Us!

December 28, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, Nature 

The temperature began to drop again yesterday, but despite some fog it was safe to travel into Inverness for shopping. Today the fog has descended more thickly, and Nairn is covered by a crystal blanket of ice. It didn’t seem a good idea to have a drive out, so we just took a walk into […]

Nairn rat traps don’t exist?

December 28, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn 

The Gurn took a break to email me an update on the Rats issue, with Highland Council asserting that they only treat individual properties, not open spaces: ‘Iain Dyce, community works manager for Nairn, told the Nairnshire he was not aware of an increase of complaints over rats. And confirmed the council’s remit was for […]

Latest Comments added to right hand side

December 27, 2008 · Filed Under Internet 

Just a quick heads up that I’ve set up latest comments to appear on the right hand side of the site. There are some seriously interesting comments and discussions coming up and I want to be able to make it easier for anyone to find these, so hopefully this will help. I’ve been making a […]

Heads up on rail disruption next week

December 27, 2008 · Filed Under Transport 

Just a heads up that rail travel around major parts of Scotland are set to be disrupted over the next two weeks: Warning over railway disruption All high level services to and from Glasgow Central have been cancelled until Tuesday 30 December. Some trains between Perth, Inverness and Aberdeen will also be affected over the […]

Nairn fat blocks sewers

December 26, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn 

We’ve seen the infamous Nairn main sewer come up previously in the Nairnshire for it’s inability to cope with waste, and it receives a particularly dishonoury mention in a BBC report on cooking fat blocking sewers across Scotland: Festive fat swells clean-up bill Cooking fat poured down the drains of homes and businesses over the […]


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