Nairn residents increasingly frustrated with Nairn councillors

October 28, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, Politics 

The Gurn publishes a couple of pieces relating to frustration with how Nairn’s councillors are leaving the town with a confused image – derelict buildings along the A96, and ad hoc developments that seem to underline the whispers of backhanders from developers: The first is from Iain Fairweather who runs Visit Nairn: Can we have […]

First Snows for Nairn

October 28, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, Weather 

Today sees our first snow in Nairn: It’s unlikely to settle for long – Nairn has a very mild climate by comparison to the rest of the Highlands, sheltered on the Moray coast by its own micro-climate. The snow is falling earlier this year, though – last year the first snows of the Highlands fell […]

Why Nairn’s supermarket plan needs revising

October 10, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn 

Nairn councillors seem intent on pushing for the original supermarket plan in the centre of Nairn – a plan that was implemented in a rush, never properly developed, and remains an orphaned policy with limited merit. Here are some reasons why Nairn’s representative should stop looking backwards and start looking forwards: Somerfield expansion = bad […]

Amur Tigers to move to Highland Wildlife Park

October 6, 2008 · Filed Under Nature 

A pair of Amur (aka Siberian) Tigers are going to be moving to the Highland Wildlife Park, according to the BBC. It’s good to see the park not simply getting a pair of star attractions, but especially the fact the park is reportedly trying to focus on animals that inhabit mountains and tundra, according to […]

Small Minded Nairn Politics

October 6, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn 

There’s a weird small-mindedness in the town that suggests that Nairn’s roots are as a retirement village, and therefore it should stay that way and to hell with the young families that live here. A strong group on the political scene are still hanging onto the idea that the Co-op will suddenly rush out and […]

No A96 bypass for Nairn?

October 6, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, Roads 

Local MP Danny Alexander’s latest leaflet makes a sad statement: Scottish government has no plans to build a Nairn by-pass in the foreseeable future. … We’re no nearer a Nairn by-pass than we were over 30 years ago when the need for one was originally identified”. Kind of shocking to hear that the Scottish Government […]

Kilnhill Woods development: pros and cons

October 6, 2008 · Filed Under Nairn, Property 

The BBC reports that the Forestry Commission’s plan for a small eco-living project in Kilnhill Woods has been withdrawn, subject to further unscheduled amendments. A previous BBC report highlighted local objections because it will develop “a community of a certain way of thinking”. There are also concerns raised on the impact on wildlife. The Gurn […]